Enrollment Services

Are you tired of handling all of the different enrollment forms during your annual enrollment? Whether or not Tri-Star administers your benefit plans (including insurance plans), we can capture employee enrollment electronically and eliminate time-consuming paper handling, data entry and reconciliation errors. The system restricts enrollment to your specific enrollment period to only those eligible for your plans. Your employees see only your plan options on a site that is personalized with your organization’s logo. Think of the time savings!

For employee benefit plans administered by Tri-Star, participants have the ability to research qualifying expenses, view current elections, enroll in plans, change information (direct deposit, email address, etc.), all using secure, state of the art technology. Eligible employees enroll through the online system, again, reducing your processing time. Customized paper enrollment forms can also be generated for your new hires or those without online access.

Streamlining this process allows your benefits and information technology staff to focus on other tasks important to your organization. Eligibility and enrollment data is shared between you, Tri-Star and insurance carriers according to HIPAA compliant 834 EDI file Standards. You get enrollment information to establish payroll deductions and your insurance carrier receives coverage data for covered employees. Your deductions are in sync with Tri-Star’s enrolled participants and you don’t have to key deductions or sort and store paperwork!

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