Custom Benefit Statements

Employers today provide many benefits to employees that add to the total cost of employment. You value your employees and want them to understand the importance of their dedication to your organization. Tri-Star works with you to design, produce and distribute personalized employee benefit statements to summarize all of their benefit plans and compensation. Your personalized cover letter adds that needed face-time to communicate matters you consider most timely and important.

Tri-Star is invisible to your employees. We capture the employee-specific data, collate it with text specific to your plans, produce a professional multiple page booklet and mail these to your employees. Our staff works with you to select the proper style and graphics, all within your budget!

Employees get plan-specific information (including follow-up contact information) and a summary showing the value of their full compensation package. Keeping your employees happy and helping them feel appreciated will help with employee retention. Contact us today for information on how we can help you communicate this in today’s complicated benefits environment.

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